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Cancellation policy

We require that a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Any cancellations given under 24 hours will be considered a no show. While we understand that things happen, unfortunately last minute cancellations means we are unable to fill the space that someone else may want. So after one ‘no show’ a $50 dollar non-refundable deposit will be required for your next appointment. This deposit will be applied to your service. Thank you for your understanding.

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Treat yourself to eyelash extensions and say goodbye to mascara


Eyelash Extension is an advanced technique that enhances the curliness, fullness and thickens of natural eyelashes. The lash extensions will be bonded to a single natural lash to create a beautiful look. There are two different types of eyelash extensions: Classic set and volume set.

For our classic Eyelash Extension that we apply a single eyelash extension to a single natural lash and extends the length of the natural eyelash, so it’s called Eyelash Extensions.

Volume Eyelash extensions is a method of applying multiple thin, light and fan out eyelash extensions (normally people prefer this to a Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions)  to a single natural eyelash which will give your eyelash more volume and depend on what you want, we can also extend the length of your natural lash by apply a longer eyelash extensions.

At Beauty Time our volume count is based on how many extensions we use on a single natural eyelash. The method is called the Russian Volume Method.  What is the difference between a 3D and 4D set? The differences are that for the 3D you will get three to four thin and soft eyelash extensions applied on a single natural lash. For the 4D set, you will get the same material, but apply four to five soft extensions to a single natural lash. You are creating more volume than 3D.

For the Russian Volume set, it is still the same excellent material that we use for 3D and 4D, instead of three to four or five to six, it will be six to ten eyelash extensions on one natural lash. Therefore creating a more dramatic look for your eyes.

However, due to the number of extensions we apply for the Russian set, we will examine your lashes to determine if your natural lash is in excellent condition. If we find your natural lashes are unacceptable, to avoid damaging your natural lash we will not proceed.

Our Eyelash extensions are made of high quality simulated Mink .

The reason why we are not using Mink for our Eyelash Extensions service is, a lot of people have an allergic reaction to real Mink and animal furs. Since these extensions are near to our client’s eyes, we would like to eliminate most if not all possibilities of an allergic reaction for our clients.

At the time of your appointment, we recommend you arrive at the studio without eye makeup. For example no mascara or eyeshadow etc.

It is also highly recommended that you DO NOT curl your eyelashes or put on mascara the day before your appointment.

It will help to reduce the time taken for cleanup and give us more time for the actual eyelash extensions process.

While keeping the development cycle of eyelashes in mind during the application process, our stylists are trained to search for fully grown eyelashes which they can connect with the simulated lash. The smaller lashes are left to develop on their own.

At the next refill, we will have a new lash on which to apply your extensions.

Eyelash extensions are applied while you rest on a comfortable spa bed with minimal hassle. Generally, it takes about 1.5 hours for a full installation of eyelashes. But can vary depending upon the volume of your natural eyelash.

Before installing the lashes, your base lashes are secured with a gel eye cushion. Lash augmentations are connected 1-to-1 or many to one eyelash with medical grade adhesive.  It is an extremely comfortable, non-intrusive treatment and the majority of our customers relax, take a break or fall asleep.

It depends on how fast your natural lash growth cycle is and how you take care of them. With proper care, they should last for three to four weeks. Please ask us for the after care instruction card for more info on how to care for your eyelash extensions.

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