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Information on Services – Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Service

Your eyelashes play a significant role in your overall outlook. We all love long and full lashes, and they have become an integral part of modern beauty standards. However, applying strip lashes is not a viable long term option, because they need to be removed after a few hours, and aren’t very comfortable.

At our salon we don’t use strip lashes. Our dedicated team of lash stylist uses only the highest quality individually attached extensions, applied with medical-grade adhesive at your natural lash line

Book your appointment with us or review our portfolio to get more information on services we provide and have a better idea of what we can do for you.

Setting Up An Appointment

We have made it easy for our customers to book an appointment with us directly by giving us a call or texting us. After scheduling your appointment, you will receive a text message from our customer service confirming your booking.

We have comfortable spa beds where you can relax while our experienced stylist applies your lash extensions to your natural eyelash. 

It’s a simple process that dramatically improves your overall look. Within two hours your transformation will be complete, you can close your eyes throughout this time.

The process itself is highly detailed. We attach individual eyelash carefully to ensure that it stays in place. Our professionally trained staff will talk you through the process and keep you entertained. In addition you can also listen to background music to help you relax further, or even sleep. The choice is entirely up to you.



Client satisfaction and safety is our utmost priority. We only use the best bonding agent. Because it’s applied near to the eyes, we use a medical-grade, fast setting adhesive certified for use in applying eyelashes.  Our resins have no terrible odors or chemical smells. For instance, lessor quality adhesives produce an awful smell and can trigger reactions and be irritating.

Our job is to make sure that you have a comfortable and calming experience . We use a semi-viscous liquid that is continuously refrigerated. With the right temperature and humidity conditions, the fluid will bond to the eyelash and can prolong the natural life cycle of your lashes. So while your natural eyelashes are shedding, our new extensions will be taking their place and accentuating the look of your eyes in every way.

When the adhesive is applied, you might experience a slight sensation. However, the impression goes away in a few minutes. Our professionals are trained for every situation and will be there for you in every step of the way. So if any irritation is to occur, they will handle it efficiently. 

There is a cure time of about 3 seconds and as a result will last you anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks, or more with proper maintenance. While the chances of a reaction are minimal, we recommend that you visit a doctor right away if you experience any such thing. 

We have taken great care in sourcing only quality adhesives from reputable vendors.  At Beauty Time, our services and offers aim to enhance your natural beauty, without compromising the health of your lashes.