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Fan of getting ready? If you are one of those who love to wear eyelashes that can raise eyes all around, but you are willing to get rid of the mascara for a while, you are at the right place! And, we understand your confusion! With so many different kinds of eyelash extension options to choose from, many people are often confused. They didn’t know which one to go for! That’s why we make matters easier at Beauty Time. 

At Beauty Time, we offer a wide range of solutions to our customers who want to improve the way their eyelashes look. If you want quality eyelash extensions at an affordable price, we have just what you need. We work with some of the most highly trained lash stylists all across Barrhaven. You can look around our website and make an appointment with us to find out more about the services that we offer!

Beauty Time is an all-in-one stop for customers who want high quality services at the lowest rates. When you first arrive at our salon, our highly trained staff will meet you with smiling faces. We have taken great care to create an incredibly friendly and comfortable environment within our premises so that all of our clients feel relaxed. 

Because of the intricacy of the process involved, it’s imperative that a person relaxes. We also have soothing music in the background so that you can relax and just lie down while our trained staff attaches the eyelashes

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