Eyelash conditioner

How To Use Lash Conditioner Serum.

What are your choices when it comes to lash serums and conditioners? And why do you need it?

You’ve got a brand-new set of flawless simulated Mink lashes, and you want to keep them looking gorgeous for 4 weeks or more. The question is how do you moisturize? And do you need a lash serum?

The answer is YES you really need to use a serum.

In the same way, you need to condition your hair after washing, you also need to condition your lashes so they remain soft and moisturized. Here are few products and the steps you can use to keep your lashes in tip-top shape until your refill. Start by washing your face and making sure you have no oil or makeup on your eyes. This next step is very important. Use your favorite oil-free makeup remover then gently wash your lashes with Beaute Rrior Shampoo. This formula is made especially for eyelash extension wearers. Be sure that your lashes are clean and dry. ( This helps the serum to cling to your lashes.)

Using a spoolie, carefully comb and separate your dry lashes. Do not pull or tug as this may damage your natural lashes. Now apply your conditioner/serum. Our favorite serum is Beaute Rrior. Voted number one by Best Reviews Guide. Beaute Rrior Eyelash Coating Serum won 1st Place with a 9.7 score. It’s also voted the “Best Value” based on a survey of over 8000 products!

When applying your conditioner start at the base of your lash and use a zig-zag or wiggling motion going from the base of the lash to the tip. You can also apply the serum to your lower lashes because they need conditioner too. Wait 30 seconds between coats and reapply on each set of lashes. Two coats should be enough.

Repeat this process every morning and again before bed. By taking care of your lashes you will extend the life of your extensions so you can go longer between refills. It also helps to keep your natural lashes moisturized. You can purchase both our recommended Lash Shampoo and Serum at our Barrhaven location.

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