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What Lash Style Fits My Eye Shape?

What Lash Style Fits My Eye Shape?

Your eyes are one of the first things that others notice about you! So why not accentuate them with long, luscious, fluttery lashes? Choosing the perfect style of eyelash extensions doesn’t have to be complicated. We will help you identify and select the ideal look that best suits your eye shape and answers your question of what lash style fits my eye shape in this helpful guide.



what lashstyle fits my eye

Did you know that almond eyes are the most common eye shape?  Almond eyes are about twice as long as they are tall, and the proportions make them very versatile to style. Individuals with this eye shape can rock practically any look they desire!

If you want your eyes to appear larger, opt for the “open-eye” or “doll” style in which longer lashes are applied to the center of the eye. This strategic placement will open the eyes, creating a rounder look that is more alert and brighter!

If you prefer something a little sultrier and more elongated, a cat eye is a better option. This style is achieved by adding longer lashes to the outer edge of the eyelid, giving the illusion of elongated eyes that are pulled into an upward slant.



what lash style fits my eye

Round eyes are less than twice as long as they are wide. This particular eye shape can appear more open and brighter than other eye shapes! However, if you apply too much length to the center of the eye, it can make you look like you are in a permanent state of shock.

Individuals with this eye shape should avoid the “doe-eye” or “doll” styles. This eye shape benefits most from the “cat-eye” style, which will help elongate the eye and even out the eye’s proportions.

If you prefer to keep your eyes looking round and open instead, the natural placement of lash extensions will accentuate your natural eye shape without overly exaggerating it.


Hooded Eyes

what lashstyle fits your hooded eye

In individuals who have hooded eyes, the skin above the eyelid protrudes. This protruding skin is called the “hood,” and it can cover part or even the entire eyelid.

Someone  with hooded eyes can  benefit most from eyelash extensions that do not have an intense curl. Choose extensions with a straighter base that can extend past the hood before curling upwards. This will ensure that the lashes are noticeable and create the desired effect.


Monolid Eyes

what lashstyle fits your monolid eye

Individuals with monolids have an eyelid with a minimal or non-visible crease. With this shape of eyes, you can rock a multitude of styles!  If you want your eyes to appear more open, opt for the “open-eye” or “doll” look to open the eyes and create a more awake look! If you’d like to elongate your eyes, you should definitely go for the “cat-eye” look!  However, if you have tiny eyes, avoid mega volume as it can make your eyes appear even smaller!


Embrace your unique eye shape!

Eyelash extensions are the perfect way to enhance and accentuate your naturally  beautiful eyes!  One lash style does not fit all!  When you book your appointment you will have your consultation. Our award winning  lash technicians will work with you to create a lash look and style that suits you and your unique beauty best! For more tips on lash looks and styles visit us on Instagram and Facebook. To book your appointment click here or call us at 613 777- 8989. We look forward to seeing you soon.