Lash and Brow Trends For 2023

Lash and Brow Trends For 2023

Lash  and Brow Trends: What’s Hot in 2023

It’s no secret that the eyelash extension and brow  industry is constantly changing. Sometimes it can feel like there’s a new trend every day, and it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. But we’ve got you covered!

There are two hot new trends in the beauty industry that are taking over your Instagram and Tiktok feeds: Eyebrow lamination and Color lash extensions. You might not have tried these yet, but they’re sure to become part of your lash appointment soon enough! So let’s talk about the hottest upcoming trend, what it is and why it is so great.

They say that the eyebrows are the frame for the eyes and the face . Now with all the choices we have these days we don’t have to rely on just one way of getting perfect brows . One of the hottest new trends in brow care is called Brow Lamination. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about this trend. You’ll learn all about this new process and what they mean for your beauty routine in just a few minutes! So let’s get started!

Eyebrow Laminating: What Is It?

Eyebrow lamination is essentially a “brow hair texturizing treatment, or Perm ” It’s a really popular way to enhance your natural eyebrows. The process involves your brow technician applying a hair softening treatment to your eyebrows to soften them. This solution allows her to shape and define the hairs into a more brushed up and lifted style, so they appear fuller.

Why should you get your brows done?

The benefits of having a brow lamination treatment is that you can completely control the style of your lashes. This brow treatment is non-invasive and isn’t permanent, and it’s a great option for a lot of people who don’t want to make the commitment to other brow services. Another huge perk of getting this treatment is you don’t have to use gels, brow pencils , or brow brushes every day because it can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks depending on your hair growth.

What to do to prepare for lamination?

There are a few things you need to know before you come in for your treatment. One thing we highly recommend is you avoid chemicals like retinol, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), and other exfoliant skin-care products at least 48 hours before your appointment because this can cause a reaction with the chemical lamination solution used on your hairs . Your brow tech will also recommend that you avoid tweezing, threading, or waxing your brows 48 hours or more prior to your appointment. Let your brow tech know if you have any skin conditions including psoriasis , eczema , sensitive skin or sunburned skin when you schedule your appointment and they will review your  skin to see if you should have the treatment

What are the steps for the process?

Here are the steps that happen when you come in to get your brows done.

First we apply the special solution to your brow and you lay back and relax for 10 min

There are two hot lash and brow new trends for 2023

We then remove the solution and add a setting gel.

There are two hot lash and brow new trends for 2023

We then shape and define the brows to get this perfect lash look. It’s that easy

There are two hot lash and brow new trends for 2023

If you’re interested in trying hot lash and brow trends for 2023 but aren’t sure where to start, here are some tips: The most important thing when it comes to eyebrow lamination is finding an experienced aesthetician who knows how to use this product correctly. At Beauty Time our technicians have hundreds of hours of training in the process and can guide you on what’s best for your skin type.  If you would like to to book your brow lamination appointment just visit this page We look forward to seeing you soon.