Eyelash Extensions 101: What you need to know.

Eyelash extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your natural lashes. They’re also super convenient–you can wake up with gorgeous lashes and not have to worry about mascara ever again! But before you get started, there are some things you need to know. Here’s our guide to eyelash extensions 101: what they are, how they work, how much they cost and more.


What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers that are applied to your natural lashes in order to lengthen them and make them appear fuller. The results are natural-looking, and can last up to three weeks with upkeep and maintenance . They’re ideal for anyone who wants longer, fuller lashes without having to worry about them looking too dramatic. What Are the Benefits of Eyelash Extensions? There are a lot of benefits to eyelash extensions that make them worth considering. You don’t have to worry about mascara smudging and they make your morning routine fast and easy.

Eyelash Extensions 101: What You Need To Know.

How Long Do They Last?

Eyelash extensions typically last between two and three weeks before needing a refill appointment with your lash technician. During this appointment, she will remove the old extensions and apply new ones so that you can keep enjoying their benefits for as long as possible. It’s important to note that the length of time your lashes last depends on a few factors. For example, if you have oily skin or don’t follow the maintenance suggestions given by your lash tech, it can make your extensions fall off sooner than expected. Similarly, if you’re using an eyelash curler on a daily basis—even just for special occasions—then this can also shorten their lifespan.

Eyelash Extensions 101: What You Need To Know.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of eyelash extensions varies depending on where you live and which type of salon/spa you go to, but generally speaking it costs between $70-$150 per application. If you want them done more frequently than every four weeks then expect the price will differ.

What lash style is best for Me:

First, consider your eye shape. If you have almond-shaped eyes, then you’ll want to opt for shorter lashes that will help widen and open up your eyes. If you have more round eyes, then longer lashes that fall down at a more natural angle will be perfect.

For hooded eyes your having lashes that open the eye to make them appear larger is the best option for you.

Downturned eye shapes benefit from a kitten eye or cat eye style lash extensions. Everyone has a unique eye shape so speaking with your lash tech is very important when choosing the best style for you.

Eyelash Extensions 101: What You Need To Know.

Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes

The most important thing to know is that the quality of the extensions matters, and the quality of the technician matters even more. If you go to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing or doesn’t take their time with each lash application there is a possibility that they may have some damage. What you will want to look for is someone who takes their time, has a great reputation and makes sure that each lash is applied properly. This will ensure that you get the most healthy and natural looking lashes possible 

So there you have it eyelash extensions 101 what you need to know about lash extensions for first timers. If you’re thinking about having your lashes done contact our award winning team and let us give you the lash makeover you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date on all giveaways, contests and info.