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The 4 Best Makeup Options for Eyelash Extensions.

makeup with eyelash extensions


Congratulations you got your lash extensions,and you’re ready to show them off.  So what’s the best makeup for eyelash extensions ? Well, it will shock you to know that a lot of your usual makeup products isn’t going to work with your new lashes. Yes, they may actually cause them to shed or not last as long between refills. Some of us have a fast lash shedding cycle, but for others, it can be because you are using the wrong products. Here are four of our favorite beauty options for eye lash makeup.


Do not use waterproof liquid or a pencil liner, they are both bad for your new fans. Liquid liner can be very hard to remove even if it isn’t waterproof.  It requires that you rub a little harder than recommended or you may have to touch your lashes to remove it. Why not try a oil free powder eyeliner for eyelash extensions instead. Use an angled brush to get the definition and perfect cat-eye you want.

Eye Shadow

Now that you no longer need mascara, You’re probably wondering  how to how to do eye shadow for lash extensions . Bring attention to your beautiful eyes by using your favorite shades. There are a few choices on the market but stay away from creme based shadows they may contain wax or oils. Use a powder shadow and brush your lashes with a spoolie to remove excess powder. Apply your makeup with a flat shadow brush. Shake off any excess powder and tilt your head up when putting the shadow on your eyelid


A foundation or concealer that is water-based or oil-free is the best for eyelash extension wearers. When applying your foundation or base do not get the product on your lashes. Using a blending sponge or brush gives you more precision and produces a flawless finish.

Makeup Remover

At all cost avoid makeup remover that is oil or wax-based. Only use a high-quality water-based makeup remover. Apply to your eyes with either a q-tip of remover pad. Do not pull on your new lashes. Avoid getting super close to your lashes by wiping up towards your brow not down towards your lashes. Follow up your makeup removal by gently washing your lashes with eyelash shampoo available at Beauty Time.

These are our ideas for makeup with eyelash extensions and ways to update your beauty routine. If you have beauty ideas or tips you’d like to share join our Beauty Time Insiders group on Facebook. And follow us on Instagram.


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