5 foods to grow longer lashes

5 foods to grow longer lashes

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Having a healthy diet is important if you want to grow longer beautiful lashes. Everyone knows that what you eat can help your skin and hair. Include these 5 foods to grow longer natural and healthy lashes.


  1. Fish5 Foods To Eat That Will Grow your Lashes . All types of fish is great for you, but fish like salmon are rich in omega 3, and proteins which help to help you to grow thicker hair. Another great benefit of having fish in your diet is it helps control weight.
  2. AvocadoAvocado is considered the perfect fruit and a great source of vitamin A , EĀ  and also healthy amino acids. These acids help to hydrate your hair from the inside out and unclog hair follicles so new lashes grow in faster. Also, who doesn’t love guacamole?
  3. Eggs5 superfoods for lashes. Eggs are one of natures best sources of proteins and vitamins needed for hair and eylash growth. They contain minerals and B complex vitamins that stop hair loss. If you want to prevent eyelash loss and go longer between refills, try adding eggs to your diet.
  4. Kale Kale and other dark leafy vegetables like spinach are great superfoods that promote healthy hair and a healthy scalp. Rich in omega 3 and beta carotene it prepares your follicles to grow longer and stronger hair.
  5. Nuts5 superfoods to grow longer lashes All types of nuts like almonds, peanuts, and macadamias are also great for preventing lash loss. They contain vitamin E and all the proteins your body needs to have healthy follicles. Eating them in small amounts is the best for your diet.

One other way to prevent lash loss is by brushing your extensions. Eating these five foods packed with nutrients and daily brushing helps to stimulate the hair root and lash line. This helps them to produce stronger and longer lashes. By applying these easy at home remedies you’ll be setting your natural lashes up for a long healthy lash growth cycle.

Another way to encourage eyelash growth and get longer lashes is to clean your lashes daily. By removing the dirt and makeup your natural lashes can breathe and new growth can happen faster. This is very important if you want to go longer between appointments. Including these 5 foods that grow longer lashes in your diet will benefit your lashes and your wallet.

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