Ottawa Citizen Interview

Goodbye mascara, hello eyelash extensions: Let the experts at Beauty Time give you the eyelashes of your dreams

Imagine waking up with long, full and beautiful eyelashes each morning without having to put a mascara wand or eyelash curler anywhere near your eyes. It’s possible with eyelash extensions and the experts at Beauty Time — Ottawa’s newest spa specializing in eyelash extensions.

“After years of working in the industry, we found there was a demand for eyelash extensions but finding qualified technicians is difficult, so we wanted to open a spa that focused on this and provided other essential services,” says Vivian Bui, master eyelash artist at Beauty Time, which opened in November and is located in Barrhaven at 71 Marketplace Ave. “Any time of the year, eyelash extensions can give you a great look without the use of makeup.”

From its name, which Bui says invokes a time of pampering, to its physical space, Beauty Time is all about guaranteeing client comfort and customer service. This occurs in many ways. To start, an oil diffuser with relaxation oils creates a unique experience from the moment you enter the spa while soft music ensures a relaxed atmosphere. Five beds, as well as a private room upon request, are available for eyelash extensions. The procedure itself, says Bui, is also tranquil.

“We have memory foam pillows and luxury blankets, so it isn’t uncommon for our guests to fall asleep while we work,” says Bui. “We help clients choose the volume of eyelashes, and we then use the softest eyelashes and medical grade adhesive.”

While some eyelash technicians only receive two days of training to become certified, Bui says all of Beauty Time’s eyelash technicians obtain three months of hands-on training, while many have more than a year of experience already. She says the extended training time is essential to ensure the level of expertise for which Beauty Time is aiming.

“People that take a two-day course have the theory, but they won’t be able to do eyelash extensions properly and be confident unless they are practicing daily,” she says. “We know some people have had bad experiences with eyelash extensions, but we want to change that. So, no matter someone’s experience, we still train them for Beauty Time’s procedure, so the results are always top quality.”

For more information on eyelash extensions and the other services offered at Beauty Time, call or text 613-777-8989 or visit