Beware of Pre-made Cluster Lash Extensions: Why You Should Avoid Them

Beware of Pre-made cluster lashes

Beware of Pre-made Cluster Lash Extensions: Why You Should Avoid Them

Every one wants long, luscious eyelashes that add some drama to their look. While eyelash extensions may seem like a dream come true, not all extensions are created equal. In particular, pre-made cluster lash extensions have become popular among beauty enthusiasts wanting fast and inexpensive results. However, they can have severe consequences on your natural eyelashes, as well as the health of your eyes. Keep reading to learn why you should avoid cluster lash extensions at all costs.

1. What are Pre-made Cluster Lash Extensions?
Cluster lash extensions are a cluster of false lashes that are glued together using an adhesive. They are attached to your natural lashes to create a voluminous and thick look. Unlike individual lash extensions, which are glued separately, cluster lashes can damage your natural lashes. The clumps of lashes can cause tension on each lash,  causing damage and breakage over time. This is especially true if they are not applied correctly or if they are too heavy.

2. The Risks of Cluster Lash Extensions
The process of attaching cluster lashes involves the use of glue, which can be irritating to the eyes. If not applied correctly, the glue can cause redness, inflammation, and even an allergic reaction. Moreover, the weight of the clusters can cause your natural lashes to break, leaving you with sparse, damaged lashes. The glue used can also cause your natural lashes to shed prematurely, leading to bald patches around the eyes.

3. Cluster Lash Extensions vs. Individual Lashes
Individual lash extensions are a better alternative to cluster lash extensions. These extensions are attached separately to each natural lash, making them less stressful to your natural lashes. They are also customized according to your natural lash size and shape, blending in seamlessly with your natural lashes. Moreover, they are much lighter, so they don’t add any extra weight on your lashes, leading to natural lash damage.

4. The Importance of a Professional Application
While eyelash extension application may seem straightforward, it’s important to entrust it to a certified professional. They have the necessary skills and experience to apply individual lash extensions without causing damage. They will also ensure that the extensions are customized to your lash type and shape, ensuring natural-looking lashes. A professional application also reduces the risk of allergic reactions and damage to your natural lashes.

So in conclusion it’s clear beware of Premade Cluster Lash Extensions they may look glamorous, but they can cause potential harm to your natural lashes and eyes. The best way to achieve longer, fuller lashes is to opt for individual lash extensions applied by a professional. Taking care of your natural lashes while enhancing their appearance is the key to achieving a fabulous and long-lasting result. Visit us at one of our two locations. 71 Marketplace Barrhaven  or  462 Hazeldean RoadKanata to get a customized set of lash extensions, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all our contests, giveaways and info.