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Eyelash Growth Cycle

June 12, 2019July 14, 2021

As we enter the Spring and summer seasons everything is blooming and growing, your lashes also have a growth spurt. Every hair on our body has its own natural growth cycle and will shed or fall out at different times.  For the Spring and Fall your lash growth and shedding cycle speed up; but in...

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How to relax at your lash appointment

How to Relax at Your Eyelash Extension Appointment.

May 30, 2019February 2, 2021

  How to Relax in Your Eyelash Extension Session. Every day we are faced with deadlines and responsibilities, and sometimes we forget that self-care and relaxation are essential for our wellness. When you decide to pamper yourself and have ‘me’ time here are a few ways you can get the most out of your appointment...

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How to sleep with lash extensions

How to Sleep with Eyelash Extensions

March 18, 2019March 29, 2021

Best way and how to Sleep with Eyelash Extensions. Most people that get new eyelash extensions have the same question. In this post, we’ll share our tips on the best  way and how to sleep with eyelash extensions. Prepping for bed. Caring for your lashes starts with your pre-bedtime prep. A lot of people ask...

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