How to Relax at Your Eyelash Extension Appointment.

How to Relax in Your Eyelash Extension Session.


How to Relax in Your Eyelash Extension Session.

Every day we are faced with deadlines and responsibilities, and sometimes we forget
that self-care and relaxation are essential for our wellness. When you decide to
pamper yourself and have ‘me’ time here are a few ways you can get the most out of
your appointment and enjoy your visit with us. In this post we share our top tips on how to relax in your eyelash extension session


1. Book early in the day.

Reserve your appointment earlier in the day to avoid high traffic or congestion on
the way to your visit with us. Arriving at your booking with a few minutes to spare
allows you to have time to slip into our comfortable slippers, enjoy a cup of
tea and experience our aromatherapy.

2. Wear Comfortable clothing.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothes to your appointment. In our Salon, you
will lay on a sanitized eyelash extension bed . We also have sanitized
ergonomically correct spa pillows that are adjustable.

3. Shut off your phone.

We understand that being connected is very important. But we highly recommend you
take this time to unplug from the stresses of the day and simply lay back and
relax. Most of our clients use this time to catch up on podcasts, listen to their
favorite artists in a playlist or enjoy the calming music of the salon.

4. Avoid high energy drinks.

Coffee is the number one way most of us wake up and face the day, but to make your
experience a more relaxed eyelash session avoid caffeine or high energy drinks.

Follow these steps on how to relax in your eyelash extension session and they’ll make your visit more enjoyable for you.


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