Lash Facts and Myths

We get a lot of lash questions from our customer, and we’re sure you’ve heard about or seen on social media some lash myths, but we have the facts.

If you’re thinking of getting lashes for the first time but want to do some research and get to the bottom of these myths then you are in the right place. In this blog we’re clearing up some of the most common lash myths, and sharing the facts.


Myth: Lash extensions damage natural lashes.

Fact: This is a very popular myth that we hear all the time so we want to get to this one first. Eyelash extensions are safe and effective. In fact, there are several reasons why people choose to get them. People love how long-lasting they are, and they’re easy to maintain. They also feel great when wearing them. Eyelash extensions DO NOT damage your natural lash when they are done correctly. The process of applying extensions  to your lash line should only be done by a professional lash technician.  Your lash tech will look at your natural lashes and apply exactly the correct amount  of glue and the precise individual lashes that you should have so they are not too long or too heavy for your eyes.

lash facts myths

Myth: The process is painful or uncomfortable


his is another misconception we hear all the time. The fact is that most people actually fall asleep while getting their lashes done. It takes about two hours from start to finish for a new set and in that time your eyes are closed. At Beauty Time we have spa like music to relax you or you can listen to your own music and take a ‘lash nap” For more tips on how to relax in your appointment click here



lash facts and myths


Myth: You can remove lash extensions at home.

Fact: Absolutely NOT!  This is a another major myth we hear a lot. You should never attempt to remove your lash extensions at home, because you can permanently damage your hair follicle . Damaged hair roots may not grow back. When it’s time to remove your lashes, always visit a professional lash technician who has the proper products to safely and carefully take them off.

Myth: You can use mascara with lash extensions

Fact: Using mascara isn’t necessary and actually why would you want to. Adding it to your lash extensions can lead to build up on your lash line. Mascara also can clump and stick your lash fans together so you then would have to scrub your lashes more aggressively to remove the makeup. Scrubbing or brushing harder to remove mascara gunk can make your lash extensions fall out faster. So the answer for this one is no don’t waste your investment and time by applying mascara on your beautiful new lash set.   Instead check out this post on makeup tips we recommend for lash wearers.


Myth: I wear glasses so I can’t get Lash extensions
Fact: You can absolutely wear glasses and contacts with eyelash extensions . Our award winning lash techs will consult with before the process and together you find the perfect style that fits your eyes and your glass frames .
Now that you know the real facts instead of the  myths you can start thinking about how you would like your eyes to stand out. Will you choose the cat eyes style of go for full volume?  If you need help deciding take a look at our gallery page and see some of the amazing looks we’ve done for our clients

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