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Top Lash Extensions Trends For 2021

This year more than ever showcasing your beautiful eyes is the top lash extensions trend of 2021.


As we head into spring it seems we’re going to continue wearing our masks, so what better time than now to up your lash game. In our previous blog we shared the best makeup for lash wearers , now we’re sharing the best lash looks.  The one thing that’s always in style is a clean set of lashes so we recommend you wash your lash extensions daily with our special lash shampoo and apply serum after because clean lashes are healthy lashes.


# 1. Lash Lifts

Lash Lift before and after

Lash lifts are going to be super hot this coming year. For the lucky few that have naturally long lashes getting a lash lift and tint is the perfect solution.  Looking for a classic clean and clear look that last up to 8 weeks? This is for you. They need very minimal maintenance and the whole process only takes about 45 minutes. When you leave you’ll have a ‘wet lashes’ look but that goes away after 24 hours.


# 2. Colored or Highlighted Lashes

Top lash trend for 2021

Highlighted or colored lashes are our absolute favorite trend this season. Adding a little bit of color is going to make your eyes stand out above your mask. And if you’re more adventurous why not add a few glitter lashes to catch the light beautifully. This is one trend that when combined with your eye shadow will really make a statement.


# 3. Longer Wispy style Lashes

Beauty Time Wispy lashes

Number three on the list of top eyelash extensions trends in 2021 has got be the longer more out to there wispy style lash extensions. There’s no way you can go wrong with eye opening lashes. You’ve heard of smiling with your eyes well with the new wispy style your eyes will do all the talking for you. It’s, bold and fabulous just like you. To make your look truly glam look try lining your lashes with our specially formulated eyeliner to give that luxe look.


So there you have it 3 of the top lash trends for 2021. We’re sure there’s a look that’s perfect for you. Check out our lash gallery for more trends and ideas. And be sure and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the up to date styles and trends. Tag us @BeautyTimeCanada to be featured.