How to Clean your Lashes

How to wash eyelash extensions like a pro.

How to clean yur lash extensions
Knowing how to wash lash extensions with cleanser like a pro is very important. When you leave the salon with your new lashes, the first thing you think about is “how do I keep them looking that way”? In this step by step guide we take out the guess work and show you how to have long lasting, clean and healthy lashes.
By now you’ve listened to your favorite lash tech and kept your new set away from water or steam for 48 hours . You’ve used your silk pillow, had a good nights sleep and are ready to start your morning routine. If you missed our previous post on how to sleep with your new lashes click here.
Step 1.
Get out your lash cleaning brush. (We recommend the Beauty Time cleaning brush because it’s specifically made for lash extensions.) Run your brush under luke warm water.
Beauty Time Lash Cleaning Brush
Step 2.
Give your premium edition foaming lash shampoo a quick shake and apply a small amount to the back of your hand. The formula in this shampoo is soft, mild and perfect for using on the sensitive skin around your eyes. It has chamomile , lavender and rosemary extracts so it cleans the excess makeup and oils left on your lash line.
How to clean your lash extensions
Step 3.
Stir the foaming liquid and gently apply it to your lashes. Use a downward motion going over your lash line and on your eyelid. Avoid rubbing back and forth because this can dislodge your extensions. If you have more than usual makeup or mascara residue just rinse and repeat the process until your lash brush shows no leftover makeup. Check out our clip to see exactly how to wash your eyelash extensions like a pro.
Step 4.
Rinse your brush and each eye with clean water. Repeat as many times as needed until foaming formula is removed. Pat and dry your eyes gently then use your spoolie to separate your lashes and let them air dry. After air drying brush your lashes again so there are no clumps. Apply your lash serum like seen in our how to apply lash serum post here.
This process should be done once a day and especially if you wear eyeliner, eye shadows and mascara. It can be done 3 times per week if you tend to not wear makeup.
tamia beauty time lashes
Its very important to keep your lashes clean. This is so you don’t get build up plus it’s better for the health of your natural lashes and makes your lash extensions to last longer. In the winter months natural lashes tend to shed more, by applying serum , brushing and keeping them moisturized you can have retention of up to 3 weeks! Always use oil free products and makeup. Using waterproof products will break down the glue on your lash extensions and you will quickly loose that lush and full new set. So avoid them at all cost. For more on what kinds of makeup to use while you wear lashes check out our post here.
 Follow this guide and in no time you’ll know how to clean your lashes with cleanser like a pro and having them last longer. If you have any questions or comments leave them below or send us an email here.
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